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Home defence is priceless!
Quality is better than Quantity
KM Bullets - always by your side

WELCOME to KM Bullets

Congratulations on finding the worlds first .68 cal paintball ammunition designed specifically for the T4e HDS Paintball Shogun!

KM RAM Home defence Sabot bullets have a unique patented and trademarked air valve system that provides power but also spin, something that can not be achieved by any other self defence paintballs on the market today!

KM Bullets have a range of different valve bullets for the HDS paintball shotgun, long range paintball bullets, high power paintball bullets and Valve bullets for unbeatable penetration.

With KM valve bullets you can turn your modest T4e HDS Paintball shotgun into a very effective home defence weapon. All of our .68 Cal RAM bullets deliver power, precision and penetration previously unseen in any other type of paintball ammunition to date.

As many people already know, the .68 Cal RAM T4e HDS Paintball shotgun is a very good home defence weapon in its own rights.

KM Bullets have developed unique .68 cal paintball ammunition called the "KM RAM valve bullet"

When KM Valve bullets are used as ammunition for the HDS shotgun paintball marker you can effectively turn your humble paintball shotgun into a formidable weapon that will surely keep any intruders or attackers away without having the need for a real firearm. Feel safe and Feel protected only with KM air Valve Bullets!

New Design for better precision and more Power

.68 Cal


Sabot Bullet connectors are equipped with the patented and copywrited valve system which is only one of the many special properties that distinguishes KM BULLETS! The Valve system in the base ensures max performance with balanced spin to ensure the .68 Cal RAM paintball sabot valve bullet hits home with huge velocity and dramatic penetration!


Two years in the making and a revolutionary way of thinking has resulted in the worlds first and only .68 cal paintball ammunition for self defence and home defence that is both accurate and powerful.

The T4e HDS paintball shotgun, when loaded with KM valve bullets just became a real game changer in the world of home defence.

The patented RAM air valve system on KM bullets provides an acurate and powerful self-defence paintball.

No need for a firearms license, no need for a real frearm, turn your paintball shotgun into a force to be reckoned with.

The Worlds First
RAM Bullet designed for self-defence!
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