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The KM Valve bullet came about after the developement of the T4e HDS Home Defence Paintball Shotgun.


After the HDS paintball shotgun came to market it soon became very popular as a weapon of choice for home defence and self defence.

On its own the T4E HDS paintball shotgun is, in its own rights a formidable self defence weapon but KM Bullets soon realised that although the HDS Paintball shotgun Real Action Marker (or RAM as Iit is more commonly known as) is a very good paintball gun for self defence, there really was a lack of decent ammunition on the market for it.

KM Bullets designed and patented a unique paintball bullet that utilises an air valve system that not only drives the sabot dart bullet with dramatic power it also creates spin so that the Sabot dart bullet is also amazingly accurate.

Other paintball amunition on the market is good for close range encounters but hey, lets face it who wants to let their attacker come an unsafe distance to you before you to take aim?

KM Bullets are as accurate as any decent .22 air rifle!


The T4e HDS paintball shotgun for home defence is a smooth bore paintballl gun, this results in standard paintballs to divert away from your target at any range above 5 metres. The air valve system on KM bullets causes the valve bullet to spin with air pressure not only driving the paintball bullet forward but also around the sabot bullet giving KM Valve bullet spin, resulting in superb accuracy.

If you own a T4e HDS Paintball shotgun for home defence then you NEED KM Valve bullets!

Why wait for your attacker to come into range?

Defend yourself legally with KM Valve Paintball Bullets today!


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